Welcome To J. Silk Agricultural Co Ltd

J Silk Agricultural Company designs, develops and manufactures products for agriculture, equine and amenity sectors of the rural industry. As well as this, the company also offers an online spare parts shop, which includes product accessories and workshop consumables. We can also produce projects which are customer specific which are needed for specialist applications.  

With an ever increasing range of agricultural, equine and amenity products there will be a product to meet the need of all customers. These products are also built to the highest standard in our own modern manufacturing facility in Hertfordshire.

All our products are kept in stock for a fast dispatch and delivery time, which enables us to deliver as quickly as possible.

Demonstrations of our products are available at our production facility as well as a local delivery, installation and commissioning service upon purchase.

Customer support is provided by the people who know the products best, for specialist questions ask to speak to the engineer. Also please feel free to look at our FAQ page which may be able to help with various problems.





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